Britain's Top 5 Recipes You Must Try

Britain’s Top 5 Recipes You Must Try

If you visit United Kingdom, one thing that would immediately capture your attention is their rich variety of cuisine. Modern cooking techniques, high quality local ingredients and a good amalgamation of traditional English food, each have made their contributions to increase the richness of the recipes of the country. However, to some extent the British food have also been influenced by the popular British cooks such as Robert Irvine and Jamie Oliver. And today the whole world is the fan of British cuisine.
Here, the main ingredient of most of dishes are pork, fish, beef, chicken and lamb and potato is used as a staple with these food items. The vegetables which add to the flavor of the dishes are onion, sweet corn, peas and carrot. And when these are cooked and spiced up together to create a good flavor and taste, anyone can easily get lost into the fragrance of the dish. However, there are unlimited number of recipes you would love to try but here, we are going to talk about those top 5 dishes which always remain at the top of the list. So, when you are in Britain, don’t forget to taste these dishes.
Fish & Chips
This is the one dish of Britain that is known around the world, this traditional British dish is easy to have from any local takeaway but making your own can be little cheaper and more tasty too. Deep fried fish and chips in a crispy batter usually comes at the top in Britain’s fast food list and there is nothing like Fish & Chips that exactly looks like a traditional British food. Mushy peas — peas that are boiled and then mashed with salt, pepper and, in this recipe, lemon zest and butter — are a popular British accompaniment to fish and chips. To ensure your fish fillets have a puffy, golden-brown coating, swish the fish through oil between two rounds of battering. The fish which is used in this dish is usually cod or haddock, however pollack, plaice or even tilapia can also be used at their place but the flavour you will get from haddock is nowhere else.
However fish & chips is best eaten on the seaside, it is possible to get great fish & chips in London. Fish & chips is traditionally eaten with mushy peas and garnished with salt and vinegar!
Sunday Roast
There is no surprise that this dish is close to our heart and whenever there is a time for family gathering we all love to enjoy this true British Classic Sunday Roast. Meat, potatoes, gravy and vegetables make it so delicious and heavy that after having this meal you wouldn’t be able to walk but don’t worry it would be for a while only. Don’t forget to add Yorkshire Pudding with Sunday roast as this combination is ultimate to come up with a unique flavor that has been loved by English people for centuries.
But making it your own can be a big challenge. Before you try this dish you must study about this recipe to pull it off to perfection.
This is not only UK where this recipe is popular while there are great lovers of this dish in other countries like Ireland especially in Northern Ireland. So get ready your roasted meat, roast potato, and accompaniments such as Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, vegetables and gravy and have a great meal this Sunday. People in UK call it with many other names such as Sunday lunch, roast dinner, full roast, and Sunday joint. Name can be differ but taste and flavour would be same. It is so loved and appreciated by the people of UK that in a UK poll it was ranked second in a list of things people love about Britain.
Yorkshire Pudding
This recipe is often part of the traditional roast dinner and is different from an American and any other pudding. Some way it is very much like a giant popover which is traditionally made from a roast of mutton. Being the most beloved icon of British culture, Yorkshire pudding still carry that traditional English cooking which is loved by millions around the world. If you are going to prepare it your own then there are many books and online sources from where you can capture all tips and tricks needed to create the crispiest and flavorful Yorkshire pudding.
If you visit England, there are great chances that you would be served with Yorkshire pudding as your first meal.
Bangers and Mash
Another classic British dish is Bangers and Mash which is quick and easy to make and usually considered as a heary meal, keeps you full for a longer time. Onion gravy, baked beans or mushy peas can set this off a great treat that always guarantted to put a smile on your face. You would love to enjoy Bangers and Mash in a cold morning which can give you warmth you need. This substantial meal is usually favorite of all children and now comes in many different flavours from spicy through to fruity. So when you are in London and looking for a cheap yet substantial meal, have Bangers and Mash.
Full English Breakfast
The dish which includes eggs, sausages, bacon, toast, beans, grilled tomato, fried mushrooms, fried potatoes and savory black or white pudding is Full English Breakfast or you can say a complete meal or a mighty meal. This is a great meal for a hangover and being a great traditional British dish, it is easy, tasty, and usually inexpensive too.

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